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Dio Shop is the sole supplier of the Diocesan School for Girls uniform and stocks all items except for shoes. Contact Dio Shop for information on where to purchase suitable styles.

Students are required to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming in school, when travelling to and from school and when representing the school at any function.

Combination of School and Sport Uniform

During the School day and beyond the School gates, all students must wear the correct school or sports uniform (as directed in Sports Uniform Regulations)


Points to note:

Jerseys and Cardigans
  • Please note that Jerseys and Cardigans are never to be worn as an outer garment outside the school grounds.
  • Jerseys and Cardigans may not be worn with the Summer Uniform (unless directed by management)
  • The blazer is compulsory with the Winter Uniform. It is also to be worn at all formal occasions and for whole school gatherings as directed throughout the year.
Summer Dress & Tunic
  • Length below the knee as supplied
  • Straw Hat – to be worn to and from school daily (Junior School only)
  • Navy Sun Hat/Navy Cap – to be worn outdoors
Black Shoes
  • McKinley T-Bars for year 0-10
  • McKinley Hiker Sandals (summer option) for year 0-6
  • Any school lace-ups for year 0-10
  • Loafers with a small heel (Senior School only)

 You will be informed of the transition period between summer and winter uniform towards the end of Terms 1 and 3.

The uniform requirements are outlined in PDF forms below for Junior, Junior High and Senior High Schools. Click here

Special Sizes and Second Hand Uniform

Students, who need to order special sizes outside of available sizes, should do so as early as possible to ensure their uniform is available by the beginning of the school term.

Dio Shop accepts secondhand uniform to sell. Please contact us prior to preparing the items for sale. We do not accept blouses, underwear, swimwear or socks for sale in the shop or car park sale.

Dio Shop has a very limited supply of second hand uniform items available, which can be purchased in-store only.


Protective clothing is required and aprons are supplied in every studio, but an art smock or old shirt may be worn to further protect a student’s uniform.


Students must not bring anything valuable to school and should not have large sums of money with them.


Hair longer than the collar must be tied back and kept off the face using plain black, brown or navy blue bands and same coloured accessories. Extreme styles (including fine braids) or coloured hair are not appropriate. Any hair braiding done in the holidays is to be removed before returning to school.

Ribbons may be red, white or navy, 1.5-2.5 cm wide.

Narrow headbands may be worn but must be black, brown, or navy blue only.

Nail polish and make up is not to be worn.



Only a wrist watch is permitted.

Years 0-6 students may wear silver studs or Dio star earrings, only one earring in each lobe.

Years 7 – 10 students may wear either small gold and silver studs or Dio star earrings, only one earring in each lobe.

Years 11 – 13 students may wear either small gold, silver, or pearl studs or Dio star earrings, only one earring in each lobe.


Only badges awarded by the School may be worn on blazers. Exceptions may be made for charities for set periods but only by instruction from staff.

School Bags

School bags (back packs) are to be plain blue or black. No bright colours are permitted.

Sport Bags

Any coloured sport bag is allowed unless specified by Sport Manager or Coach.


At Diocesan we encourage Sunsmart procedures to increase student and staff awareness of skin cancer and practical means of protection.

Students should cover up during morning tea and lunchtime, PE, outdoor sports matches and practices by:

  • Wearing a hat and applying a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, SPF 30 Plus sunscreen is available from the Dio Shop
  • Sitting in shady areas.

TriThe reasons athletes wear a uniform

  • To be recognised as a representative of a community
  • To be part of a team and to belong to a community
  • To respect the history of the community the uniform represents
  • To show the opposition that they have a plan in place, have taken the time to be organized and are ready for the competition
  • To focus attention on what really matters – playing the game, racing the race, competing in the competition
  • To demonstrate a point of difference from the opposition

It is important to remember that from the time you arrive to the time you leave the venue, you must be in uniform. This shows the opposition that you are focused on one thing – the competition.

General guidelines

  • School tracksuit – Every athlete representing Diocesan School for Girls in any team or competition must have a full school tracksuit
  • Under garment for warmth – A navy blue long sleeved thermal
  • Hats, gloves, scarf – The blue woolen scarf, hat and gloves sold at the uniform store

The please Do’s

  • Only wear the tracksuit and uniform scarfs and hats before, during and after your competition finishes
  • Wear only the school tracksuit jacket for warmth – if you are cold please wear the thermal underneath. No other jackets allowed.
  • Wear the DIO Sweatshirt only if everyone has decided to wear this and the team looks in uniform. Work as a team to decide how you will look on the day
  • If you do all decide to wear the DIO Sweatshirt, this can be worn underneath the tracksuit jacket for extra warmth
  • School rules apply for hair. At all times long hair must be tied up
  • School rules apply for jewelry, nail polish and makeup
  • Wear appropriate sport shoes at all times with the uniform

Individual Sport specific requirements

Sport Uniform
Athletics/Cross Country
  • DIO Athletics Singlet
  • DIO PE Shorts or
  • DIO Stack (or Navy) Under-Shorts/Tights
  • DIO White Polo shirt
  • DIO PE shorts
  • DIO numbered Basketball top
  • DIO Basketball shorts
  • DIO White Polo Shirt
  • White Pants
  • Contact sport manager
Dragon Boating
  • DIO Dragon Boat Singlet
  • DIO PE shorts
  • DIO Dragon Boat Visor
  • DIO Equestrian Top
  • White Jodhpurs
  • Black Belt
  • Black Boots
  • Refer to Fencing equipment and uniform list
  • DIO numbered Football Shirt (supplied)
  • DIO Football shorts
  • DIO White Polo Shirt
  • Navy Blue Golf pants/shorts
  • Competitive leotard, preferably navy
  • DIO Hockey Dress
  • Dio Stack (or Navy) Under-shorts/Tights
  • Navy or Red Hockey Socks
  • DIO numbered singlet (supplied)
  • DIO PE shorts
Lawn Bowls
  • DIO PE Shirt
  • DIO PE shorts
  • DIO Swimming Togs
  • DIO Netball Dress
  • Dio Stack (or Navy) Under-shorts/Tights
  • White or Navy Sport Socks
  • DIO PE shirt or Dio Athletics Singlet
  • Dio PE shorts or specialized running bottoms (Navy)
  • Refer to Rowing Uniform list
  • DIO Life jackets over specialized sailing kit
  • DIO School Ski jacket
  • Own Ski pants – preferably black or blue
  • Own race suit
Swimming, Diving
  • DIO swimming togs
  • DIO swimming cap
  • Own Dobuk
  • DIO Sport Dress
  • Year 7 & 8
  • DIO PE Shirt
  • DIO PE Shorts
  • Year 9 – 13
  • DIO numbered singlet (supplied)
  • DIO PE shorts
  • Contact sport manager
Underwater Hockey
  • DIO Swimming togs
  • DIO numbered singlets (supplied)
  • DIO PE shorts
Water Polo
  • DIO Water Polo togs and white Dio swim cap